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“One Student at a Time”

The growing violence in local high schools and the number of deaths of school age children and homicides in the Chicago communities; Chicago Public Schools reached out to local community based organizations and the faith based community for assistance.

Larry Roberts, Sr., Pastor of Trinity All Nations Outreach Ministries (TANOM), in 2010 developed a Restorative Justice, “Alternative Out-of-School Suspension” program model called CAAAD.

The program serves students that have committed Chicago Public School “Student Conduct Code” offenses, resulting in 3 or more days of out-of-school suspensions. The local school administration offers students with parent approval an opportunity to participate in the CAAAD Alternative program in an effort to prevent further exposure to violence and crime during their period of out-of-school suspension days.

The program is conducted in our CPS approved neighborhood location at TANOM Fellowship Hall which also has served as the Wendell Green Boys and Girls Club site, located 9600 South Vincennes Ave, Chicago, IL.

This “Restorative Justice” CAAAD program is designed to motivate student’s desire to: “Change, their Attitudes, Agendas, Actions and Direction to develop a “personal plan of action for their lives. Our neighborhood schools and youth can greatly benefit with more partnerships with the faith based local community.

For further information please contact: Rev. Larry Roberts, Sr., CAAAD Founder

What students say about CAAAD:  “The CAAAD program changed my mindset. From now on, I’m going to be 100% focused on school.” – Julian High School Student   “The CAAAD program has helped me get back on track and stay on track.”, Julian High School Student   “This program is perfect for children in all grades and should be all around the world.” Julian High Student  

What Julian teachers say about CAAAD:
“CAAAD is assisting us with improved student behavior in class upon their return to school.”  

What Julian School Administration says about CAAAD:
“The faith based partnership has greatly assisted with improving the “Culture of Calm” in Julian and CPS looks forward to expanding CAAAD to other schools.”

What parents say about CAAAD: “Our children have made a change in their attitudes and now have a greater opportunity for their concerns to be heard and addressed by their parents, teachers and school administration. They feel safer in school.”  

What Chicago Police District says about CAAAD: “Trinity has been a key partner with the Chicago Police Department (CPD) in implementing community-based strategies to deter crime and improve the quality of life in the 22nd Police District. In the first year of the program, the CPD 22nd District  credited CAAAD with reducing the number of calls to Julian for violent student outbreaks by 42%, the number of additional arrest and criminal trespass arrests of suspended students has been drastically reduce.”, 22nd Chicago Police District.

What 21st Ward Alderman say about Trinity: “Trinity All Nations Outreach Ministries is a vital faith based community program has been providing multiple impact services within the 21st Ward since 1989; also, successfully organizing the faith based community to become more actively involved  to help improve the safety and support of  economic development and job creation opportunities, for the Chicago’s far south side.”  

What Wendell Green Administration says about Trinity: “Through a 2003 partnership with Trinity All Nations, Wendell Green has helped result in a pore positive culture of calm in our school and community. In 2007 helped the establishment of the Wendell Green Boys and Girls Club, where more than 500 students receive after school tutoring and recreation in a safe haven. Our school is a much safer place because of the ongoing support given by Trinity All Nations.”